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  • What is the VariOhm and what does it do?
    The VariOhm is a device that allows the user to control the impedance relationship between a microphone and a preamp/interface. It allows for a variety of tonal settings, expanding the selection of sonic textures and colours to choose from.
  • How does the VariOhm work?
    The VariOhm is a passive device that does not require any power. It connects between the microphone and preamp/interface and has 6 different impedance settings that can be selected.
  • What are the impedance settings on the VariOhm?
    The VariOhm has six impedance settings: 50, 200, 300, 500, 1.2k, 2.4k.
  • How do I change the impedance setting on the VariOhm?
    The VariOhm has a switch on the back that allows you to change the impedance setting.
  • Is the VariOhm compatible with all microphones, preamps, and interfaces?
    The VariOhm is compatible with a wide range of microphones, preamps, and interfaces, including popular models such as the Neumann U87, AKG 414, AT4040, Shure SM57, Royer 121, A Designs Pacifica, Presonus Blue Tube, UA 710 TwinFinity, Millennia HV-3C, Grace Design, Digi 003 Rack, Digi Mbox2, E-MU 1616PCI, Mackie Onyx 400F, and Presonus Firebox. However, it is recommended to check the impedance of your microphone and preamp/interface before purchasing the VariOhm to ensure compatibility.
  • What are the dimensions of the VariOhm?
    The VariOhm is single RU in vertical height and half RU in horizontal width.
  • Does the VariOhm require any power?
    No, the VariOhm is completely passive and does not require any power.
  • Are there any additional features on the VariOhm?
    The VariOhm also features a bypass switch, a phantom power switch, and a phase switch, giving you even more control over your sound.
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